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Physical fitness guided by nature

Our bodies have evolved over thousands of years to a design that is thoroughly and beautifully optimised to operate under a particular set of conditions. That set of conditions, however, is very different from the realities of modern life. Our bodies are finding it increasingly difficult to operate with vigour, and they’re feeding that message back to us through indicators such as fatigue, stress, pain, fat storage – the list goes on...

Danny Johnson’s approach to personal training and rehabilitation is grounded in the way nature designed our bodies to operate. His unique and individually designed programs, will help you to recognize and provide you with the tools to incorporate nature’s design back into your lifestyle, so your body can work out, feed, rest and repair better, as it was designed to.

Danny Johnson has spent over 10 years developing a broad-based expertise in optimizing human health. At Danny Johnson Personal Training and Rehabilitation we offer an intelligent, natural approach to health and fitness that creates the conditions for your body to function as nature designed it. We believe in reducing artificial or synthetic inputs in exercise, nutrition and lifestyle. For example, rather than endless repetitions on gym machines, we will use functional exercises to teach your body to efficiently squat, lunge, pull, push, twist, bend, improving your stability, flexibility, strength and power. As part of our integrated approach our nutritional therapists will design a personalized nutrition programe that matches your body’s needs.

Over the years Danny has also developed an interest on helping clients suffering with Chronic Fatigue, by using different parasympathetic exercises and manual therapy techniques as well as improving their health by working closely with the team's nutritional therapists in order to increase energy levels and achieve an optimal quality of life.

In everything we do, we consider the individual, nature and proven approaches to help you reach your fitness and lifestyle goals. 


Danny Johnson Training offer training from our private studio in Mayfair, London. All sessions are by appointment only. 


We are also able to offer private sessions onsite, either at your place of work or home premises to help you achieve your goals in your preferred environment. 

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