We motivate teams

Group sessions dedicated to connecting and energising your staff

Packages that work for you

We take a flexible approach to get the perfect fit for your team and business. 

Teams & groups

With blocks of hours, you can book 5, 10, 15, 20+ hours per month to be used by your employees in group sessions.

For example, 5 x employees attending a 1 hour session equates to a total of 5 hours.

At your office

Prefer to use your own space? No problem.

We can arrange set weekly times at your office for training, osteopathy, nutrition and massage. Tell us what works best and we can arrange.

Staff discounts

If you are looking for a studio that can keep your team healthy, balanced and happy then we can arrange corporate discounts for your staff on all of our sessions.

The more of you, the greater the discount we can offer.


Many of the professional clients I work with are busy, driven and successful people. 

Some are close to burning out, others develop serious health issues from prolonged stress and long hours. For most, work/life balance is key and we work to help them realise that sacrificing their health for wealth is a misguided approach.

The honest truth is that it is better to stay healthy than try to heal a problem or disease retrospectively once the damage has already been done. 

Wealth and success will never be as valuable as your health; stop building up problems for the future and join us - we will guide you on a journey of integrated corrective exercise and osteopathy, training, nutrition and more. 

Danny Johnson, Owner & Founder

What our clients say

"Danny is one of the best trainers in London, and you'll be lucky to work with him.  I've been training with him for almost 10 years, and he has many other long term clients as well..."

Jane Silber

Ex-CEO, Canonical

"I was CEO of Aspen Insurance Holdings, a New York Stock Exchange quoted company, from June 2002 until February 2019.  As a CEO of a growing business you are always trying to get the best performance from that business and to achieve that you have to be equipped to give the best performance from yourself.  ..."

Chris O'Kane

Ex-CEO, Aspen Insurance Holdings

Management team

Danny Johnson

Director and Founder

Danny is the founder of the studio and heads up the team of health and fitness professionals. 

Franco Secchi


Franco is a highly skilled and experienced osteopath and sports therapist with 20 years of experience.

Graciela Corrales

Registered Nutritional Therapist

Graciela believes in the power of nutrition and exercise and their profound impact on our wellbeing. 


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e: info@dannyjohnsontraining.com


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