Total body optimisation is a new concept of integrated personal training that incorporates adjustment of body mechanics and corrective exercise with training and nutrition.


We undertake an initial 2 hour total body analysis and physical assessment, taking into account any injuries or personal fitness goals, to develop a bespoke body optimisation program tailored to your precise condition. The program we develop helps your body to be functional, agile, flexible and strong. 


Alongside training and corrective exercise, we integrate osteopathy and manual therapies to reset your body, thereby restoring natural and efficient movements and helping to promote recovery and avoid injury. 


Our approach to physical wellness is underpinned by nutritional therapy, helping you to achieve and maintain low body fat. But this is not the only focus of nutritional therapy; importantly, we help to develop and sustain a balanced hormonal level and healthy digestive system through genetic testing and optimal gut health. 


In just 12 weeks, we can establish the best version of you to deliver a beautiful body from the inside out. 


Our bodies have evolved over thousands of years to a design that is thoroughly and beautifully optimized to operate under a particular set of conditions. That set of conditions, however, is very different from the realities of modern life. Our bodies are finding it increasingly difficult to operate with vigor, and they’re feeding that message back to us through indicators such as fatigue, stress, pain, fat storage – the list goes on...



At Danny Johnson Personal Training and Rehabilitation we provide a unique training experience to achieve your goals in the most natural way to look and feel at your best.


Osteopathy is a form of holistic manual medicine that treats the body’s musculoskeletal system by treating not just the symptoms of the patient, but looking for the root cause of their medical problems.


Nutritional therapy is recognised as a complementary medicine based in the application of nutrition science to support and promote health. It is appropriate for individuals with chronic conditions, as well as those seeking to enhance their health and sense of wellbeing via a personalised nutrition plan.


Metabolic Balance® is a revolutionary nutritional program for weight management and well-being which has been developed by doctors and nutrition scientists following more than 20 years of research into healthy eating.


Vincent Van Gogh


"Franco is beyond a massage therapist, he is a healer. In all of my travels he's one of the best osteopaths I know."

—  Nicole Scherzinger

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