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Personal training as nature intended

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At Danny Johnson Personal Training and Rehabilitation we provide a unique training experience to achieve your goals in the most natural way to look and feel at your best.

We deliver amazing transformation results whether you want to lose weight and tone up, prepare for a social or sport event, recover from a spinal or peripheral injury, or simply increase your energy levels. With our bespoke and highly supported programs we will make you feel strong, functional, alert, flexible and happy!

Suitable for anyone wishing for exceptional long-lasting results, the training journey starts with a full body analysis to design a bespoke exercise program that will help you stabilise your body, improve flexibility, increase strength and develop power. We believe that everyone can have the body they want regardless of age, gender, and lifestyle and each training session is carefully calibrated with an ultimate goal, to get your body as powerful and agile as possible, which is what it will make you feel fitter and younger!

We specialise in:

  •     Functional Training

  •     Body sculpting

  •     Core stability

  •     Weight management

  •     Chronic fatigue 

  •     Spinal Rehabilitation

  •     Injury rehabilitation

  •     Pre and post pregnancy training

  •     Boxing

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