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Muscle and connective tissue manipulation


Naturopathic medicine is a transformative healing tradition spanning millennia that promotes wellness for Mind, Body and Spirit by identifying the unique aspects of each patient and then employing natural therapies to restore physiological, psychological, and structural balance.


What are the principles?


Naturopathic medicine follows a number of core principles:


  • Healing power of nature - an understanding that the body has implicit mechanisms to maintain and restore health. Naturopathy removes obstructions to the healing process and allows the body to do what it is meant to do naturally.

  • The root cause of dysfunction - we are concerned with identifying the cause of the underlying issue and how to rectify it. Managing symptoms is important and is dealt with, but dealing with the underlying physical, mental or emotional root cause yields superior and lasting results.

  • Harmony with nature - naturopathic treatments use gentle, non-invasive and effective treatments. We do not try to suppress any symptoms, as it is the body’s way of healing itself – a reversal of symptoms is common, otherwise known as a healing crisis, which doesn’t last long.

  • Educate – a naturopath is a teacher who seeks to educate, support, empower and motivate their clients in their journey to assume responsibility for their own health in the present and in the future by adopting a positive mindset, lifestyle and conscious eating blueprint.

  • Individual approach – the person not the disease is treated. Diseases and their symptoms will differ from patient to patient, and therefore naturopathic physicians will approach each case on its own merit and energetic presentation. The whole person is treated and cared for: Mentally, Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually. This is reflected within the plan.

  • Prevention is better than cure – it is about looking after and treating the terrain of the individual so that an abundance of vitality may be achieved. One needs to clear the marsh before solid foundations can be set to build one’s home.


How can it benefit your health and wellbeing?


Naturopathy is a transformative healing journey through the art and science of healing Mind, Body and Spirit so that life may be experienced its fullest which every client deserves. Healing all three aspects is done in a gradual, incremental and highly specific manner in order to ensure that solid foundations are built that can withstand future barrages if they occur. This is done through the vital force of food, herbal medicine and lifestyle advice, which is discussed in person with client-practitioner confidentiality. All three of these wonderful therapeutic areas will work on rejuvenating the client over a period of time giving them a new lease of life which they may never have dreamed of.

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