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My mission as a trainer is to help people achieve their best level of fitness at any age...to restore and enhance your body’s natural function and movement through realistic and practical exercise sessions.

To achieve this, I focus my training sessions to work on the different biomotor abilities such as strength, power, endurance, flexibility, coordination and balance in order to create an optimal, functional and efficient body.

Each session is designed to be energetic and fun. We progress or descend the exercises, adjust the level of intensity, and make sure your body works at the highest intensity without losing form. Depending on the desired goal, I vary your personalised program in terms of the exercises, intensity, sets, reps, tempo and rest.

The journey to achieve a healthier and fitter body starts with a thorough assessment where I will find any misalignment in the structure of your body (pelvis, spine, rib cage, shoulders, etc.), followed by a length-tension assessment (flexibility) to identify short and tight muscles, long and weak muscles. After that, I assess endurance of your core, or inner unit, muscles. Your core is not just "abs". We use the term “core” muscles to apply to any muscle that stabilises the structure of your body: transversus abdominus, pelvic floor, multifidus, diaphragm, rotator cuffs, vastus medialis oblique, etc. I will then look at the primate movement patterns to find weakness either in strength or endurance. Primate movement patterns are movements that your body is designed to do In order to be functional and include squat, lunge, push, pull, bend, walk, jog and run. Once I gather all this information, along with your training history, injury history and any other important information, I’ll design a bespoke exercise program following a protocol of stability, flexibility, strength and power. Together we will strengthen the weak stabilisers and we will stretch only the tight muscles. We then strengthen using the “primal movement patterns” following a program with an appropriate variation of sets, reps, intensity, tempo and rest. Once your body is strong enough functionally, then we're ready to perform power training exercises such as jump squats, box jumps, clean and jerks, snatches - all with good form to ensure you get the most out of the exercise and remain injury free. My vision of a complete functional body is a strong, relaxed , flexible, agile, powerful, coordinated and balanced body . And I love working with people to help them discover just how functional their own body can be!

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