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Exercise of the month - Bent over row with Danny Johnson

The Bent over row is a very functional exercise that strengthens the back and helps to improve posture by working the antagonist muscles, in this case the ones that bring your shoulders forward. We call it a 'functional exercise' as it imitates movements that the body is designed to do, such as bending over and pulling. Think of a mum putting her baby to sleep; she will have to bend over the cot and slowly lower the baby down into the cot. These seconds of bending over require back strength and if the back and the trunk are weak, then there is a possibility that the lower back will hurt over time. The technique of a bent over road is as follows:

  • Stand bent forward at the hips with knees bent, holding a barbell in front of your legs with your palms facing your body.

  • Maintain an arch in your low back.

  • Drawing your belly button inwards, bend your elbows to pull the barbell up to chest height.

  • Lower under control and repeat.

The journey to achieve a healthier and fitter body starts with a thorough assessment where I identify any misalignment in the structure of your body (pelvis, spine, rib cage, shoulders etc) followed by a length-tension assessment (flexibility) to identify both short and tight muscles plus long and weak muscles.

Each session is designed to be energetic and fun. We progress or descend the exercises, adjust the level of intensity, and make sure your body works at the highest intensity without losing form. Depending on the desired goal, I vary your personalised program in terms of the exercises, intensity, sets, reps, tempo and rest.

My vision for you is a complete functional body; strong, relaxed, flexible, agile, powerful, coordinated and balanced. My passion is working with people to help them discover just how functional their own body can be!

Our personal training, rehabilitation and corrective exercise programs are bespoke to each individual so book your free consultation today and make a start toward a happier and healthier you.

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