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Staying well in older age - avoid falls and back pain

Adults over 65 years old are more susceptible to injuries due to falling, with falls among older adults resulting from problems with gait, balance and neurological and musculoskeletal disabilities.

Lack of exercise, muscle waste, poor posture, muscle weakness, diminished generalised motor skills and poor nutrition also contribute to loss of balance and falls among the older population.

At Danny Johnson Personal Training and Rehabilitation, we work with many adults in later life to help develop their strength and mobility for increased quality of life.

Remember that the central nervous system only knows about movements, not about muscles.

That’s why I focus on balance and strength training in order to restore the ability to perform key movements associated with falls for elderly people:

Gait - stepping or climbing stairs, squatting (to get in and out of chairs or bed)

Bending - shopping for groceries, getting in and out of the car, and dynamic non-specific movements such as getting in and out of the bath or shower.

In addition the ‘Swissball’ and ‘Bosu’ are invaluable pieces of equipment to incorporate into a proprioception and balance program for older people.

Performing exercises on an unstable surface integrates strength with balance and promotes coordination of the motor system as a whole to improve agility and pattern specific flexibility.

To be effective when improving balance of my clients, I adhere to the concept of Biomotor integration, indicating that all movements are performed unsupported. When on the feet this require an integrated combination of biomotor abilities such as strength, power, endurance, coordination, flexibility, agility and balance.

If you are part of this demographic and are looking for training that keeps you well and in good health then get in touch here.

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